Could Mario be moving into Chester mansion?

Stories suggesting that the controversial Liverpool footballer Mario Balotelli has purchased a spectacular mansion located in Helsby, on the outer fringes of Chester, are continuing to circulate.

Balotelli is alleged to have already completed a deal to purchase the sprawling property, which costs a mere £4.75m, and there has been considerable excitement at the possibility of a celebrity moving into the area.

Although the mansion is fitted with state-of-the-art furnishings and facilities, including a helipad and swimming pool, if the rumours about the eccentric Italian striker are true, it is likely that he will seek to carry out renovations on the property to suit his needs. There are local firms capable of handling everything from turfing to paving in Chester that could assist with this, should he move in and plan changes to the home.

However, despite the widespread rumours on various social media sites, Steve O’Connor, the local entrepreneur who put the mansion up for sale, insisted to the Chester Chronicle that it had not yet been purchased by anyone. He added:

“We have had several viewings of the property in the last few weeks and these are ongoing as the house remains on the market.”

Should the stories about Balotelli buying it prove to be true, the oddball mansion would seem to be a perfect fit for his quirky personality, as other features of the property include a tree house, an adventure playground, and an outside zip-wire.

The unusual behaviour of the 24-year-old, both off and on the field, has made him a favourite of tabloid newspapers and social media since he was signed by Manchester City in 2010.

Amongst the antics that have made the headlines are an incident that saw him light fireworks in his bathroom and the time he reportedly gave gambling winnings of £1,000 to a Manchester homeless man.