Crazy paving – Britons spending £14bn a year on garden improvements

In these challenging economic times, people are looking for different, and perhaps more inventive, ways to get more out of their money. One trend to emerge is that we are increasingly looking towards improving our gardens, according to a recent article in Easier Property Magazine. Indeed, some £14bn was spent on gardens during the past year.

The Lloyds TSB Insurance report shows that 85% of UK homeowners have a garden or outdoor space of some variety around their home, and that the average value of the garden is close to £2,000.

The report found that one in three homeowners said that they spent money on their garden in order to enjoy time spent outdoors, but a tenth said that their main reason for garden improvement work was to make up for the fact that they could not afford a new house.

This suggests that the motivation may well be double-edged. An attractive garden, with some luxury add-ons, can increase the value, if not the saleability, of a home. This kind of work can therefore act as an investment towards the future, especially in areas like the Wirral and Chester, where property prices tend to be high.

It is also important to get a patio laid according to high standards, since a poorly constructed patio can be a real eyesore, meaning that a service that includes an efficient mini digger for a Wirral or Chester patio could be a real boon for those looking to make their garden glorious.