Garden Clearance Wrexham/North Wales

Richard Rogers Excavations offer garden clearance services in Wrexham and North Wales. Request a quote today.

Providing efficient and reliable garden clearances, Richard Rogers Excavations gives you back full use of your garden space for an incredibly affordable price.

As the leading garden clearance professionals, we’ll remove overgrown greenery or unwanted debris to help you reclaim your outdoor areas. Not only will this give your greater enjoyment of your garden and improve the look of your property, it will also make the job of looking after your garden area that much easier.

Our garden clearance services include some of the following:

  • Overgrown Garden – We can tame gardens where trees, shrubs, weeds, grass and flora have taken a hold. This is particularly helpful for those just moving into a property where the garden has been allowed to grow wild for some time. Once we have tackled your problem garden, it will be much more manageable for you in future.
  • Garden Waste Removal – Years of piling up your garden waste, cuttings, leaves, cut down trees, shrubs and branches can eventually start to take over your garden, encroaching on your available space. Free up that area again by clearing out the garden waste that you’ve neglected to remove, or the local authority has been unwilling to take away.
  • Rubbish removal – If you are guilty of using the garden as dumping ground for anything and everything, then chances are you are in need of good clearance services. Bits of old fencing, furniture, bricks, and concrete could be among the items that you need removing
  • Fully licensed waste carriers – As fully registered waste carriers, this allows us to remove certain types of material including soil, bricks, concrete, rubble, green waste and metal to an Environment Agency approval landfill site or recycling centre. There are certain types of rubbish or waste that we may not be able to take so make sure you inform us of the specifics of what needs clearing from your garden.

If you are looking for local garden clearance in Wrexham and the wider North Wales area then we are there for you. We can provide you with our services, whether your garden clearance is over a small or much larger area.

Why let nature take over your outdoor space when we can help you reclaim it in just a very short space of time. Whether you are wanting to improve the appearance of your property or you are looking to make better use of your garden area, we are confident that we can help you transform your outdoor spaces

We are very experienced at garden clearance in Wrexham and North Wales and will provide you with a thorough job carried out by a reputable company. Any materials removed from your garden will be disposed of responsibly, so there is no risk of finding yourself at the wrong end unscrupulous clearance companies who fly-tip your waste.

As trusted garden clearers, we’ll provide you with fixed quotations so you know exactly how much our service is going to cost you, so there are no hidden surprises. As garden clearance experts in Wrexham and North Wales, our services will help you avoid all the work and additional cost that is involved if you were to attempt to clear your garden yourself.

As garden clearance can be physically demanding, let us take the strain for you, whether that involves removing tree roots or removing bulky or heavy debris. If the size of your land is quite extensive, then our careful use of machinery can help cut the job down to size and have it done in much quicker time than would have been possible through manual labour.

Our work is completed to a high professional standard. We can carry out your garden clearance at any time of the year, giving you results that will be visually pleasing and give you back as much usable space as possible. If you are looking for garden clearance in Wrexham and the whole North Wales area, then our services are just what you need.

If you have any queries, or would like a no obligation quote, please contact Richard Rogers Excavations today!