Garden Drainage Chester

Richard Rogers Excavations offer garden drainage Chester. Request a quote today and put an end to garden waterlogging with a permanent drainage solution.

If heavy rain causes your garden area to become waterlogged, choosing Richard Rogers as your garden drainage contractors can help you reclaim your sodden outdoor spaces. With our highly affordable solutions, we can help prevent your garden from becoming an unusable marsh-like area.

Excess water can not only also cause damage to your lawns, trees, plants and flowers, but a lack of proper drainage can also potentially lead to problems with damp or even damage to masonry and brickwork.

A garden should be a place to use and enjoy at any time but, given our climate in Chester, we find, more often than not, that the lawn is waterlogged and the flowerbeds boggy. This could be due to the clay bed upon which the property sits, most particularly if sited on low ground or, perhaps, could also be due to the installation of new ground works such as retaining walls or footings.

Whatever the cause, getting it sorted out professionally and affordably will return a garden to full use. We at Richard Rogers Excavations specialise in garden drainage in Chester. We are a local company with many years of experience and expertise and have all the tools and equipment necessary to resolve the problem even if a garden is hard to get at.

When you are looking for a garden drainage contractor, you want to be sure you find a company who will solve your waterlogging issues permanently, but at an affordable price. Typically, this type of work is best carried out in later summer or autumn, when the soil is usually quite dry.

We will survey the site first to understand the problem and then propose the best solution, keeping in mind cost and any time constraints that may be placed on the work. There are several possible garden drainage solutions solutions including:

  • Digging of simple ditches to divert extra surface water away from your garden.
  • French ditches that redirect stagnant water into a drain.
  • Laying of pipes in various patterns under the ground to carry the surplus water away
  • Relaying the turf over a bed of grit sand so water can more easily soak away.

The extent or complexity of your drainage solution will depend on the degree to which your garden area is affected by excess water and waterlogging. Some drainage solutions could be attempted by a DIY enthusiast, but for guaranteed results or to use more complex drainage systems, you should use certified drainage contractors.

Note that careful consideration has to be given to where the water drains away. In some instances you may have to seek permission to connect a drainage system directly to a sewer or storm drain, so in order to avoid problems or even a fine, get the help of an expert garden drain company.

There are many reasons why your garden might be suffering from poor drainage. From uneven surfaces, to high water tables, impermeable surfaces, deep foundations that divert water, and neighbouring properties that divert water in your direction, we can provide a solution for you. Fixing your waterlogged garden can be done, and for a reasonable cost.

Should laying new turf be required following your drainage work, you can be assured of a beautiful finish since we use only the best quality turf. At Richard Rogers Excavations we set out to achieve a result that will delight our clients and, as the local contractor for garden drainage in Chester, we are confident that you can be assured of a professional, friendly and affordable service.