Garden Drainage Chester

Richard Rogers Excavations offer garden drainage Chester. Request a quote and receive it today.

A garden should be a place to use and enjoy at any time but, given our climate in Chester, we find, more often than not, that the lawn is waterlogged and the flowerbeds boggy. This could be due to the clay bed upon which the property sits, most particularly if sited on low ground or, perhaps, could also be due to the installation of new ground works such as retaining walls or footings.

Whatever the cause, getting it sorted out professionally and affordably will return a garden to full use. We at Richard Rogers Excavations specialise in garden drainage in Chester. We are a local company with many years of experience and expertise and have all the tools and equipment necessary to resolve the problem even if a garden is hard to get at.

We will survey the site first to understand the problem and then propose the best solution, keeping in mind cost and any time constraints that may be placed on the work. There are several possible solutions ranging from the laying of pipes in various patterns under the ground to carry the surplus water away or relaying the turf over a bed of grit sand so water can more easily soak away. Should laying new turf be required, our clients can be assured of a beautiful finish since we use only the best quality turf. At Richard Rogers Excavations we set out to achieve a result that will delight our clients and, as their local contractor for garden drainage in Chester, we are confident that they can be assured of a professional, friendly and affordable service.