Historic Chester tower set to be rebuilt for Christmas

One of the landmark structures in the Chester area, Round Tower lodge, looks set to be fully rebuilt in time for Christmas.

Locals were left reeling when the beloved and iconic tower was reduced to ruins last year, following a crash that saw a red Vauxhall Corsa plough straight into the tower in Sandiway. The damage was so extensive that Cheshire West and Chester Council was left with no option save for demolishing the building – which was Grade II-listed – as it presented significant safety concerns.

However, it subsequently submitted plans for the reconstruction of the tower, which was built at some point in the early 19th Century, although the exact date is no longer known. With listed building and planning approval having been granted, the final decision now lies with Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles.

Should the project get the go-ahead, there are several firms specialising in laying high quality foundations in Chester that could ensure the rebuilding work meets all the necessary safety standards right from the start.

The councillor for the area, Charles Fifield, told the Chester Chronicle:

“The council stated its commitment from the outset to reinstate this cherished landmark and I’m delighted we are on track to return it to its rightful place by Christmas.”

Speaking further, Fifield added:

“Our property and conservation officers have prepared a detailed application to the Secretary of State with a full description of the original building and our plans for reconstruction.”

It is hoped that several of the sandstone bricks from the original tower can be utilised in the rebuilding, to ensure that the new tower resembles the old one as closely as possible, thanks to the council’s success in recovering a number of them after the accident.