JCB celebrates one million machines, and counting

JCB, the high-profile construction industry manufacturer, has certainly had reason to ‘dig’ the goings-on of this year. The company has recently celebrated, at its Staffordshire plant, the millionth machine to roll off its production line. Moreover, the company recently bagged a contract worth around £27m pounds with one of the UK’s leading equipment rental firms.

Talking about the millionth machine, Sir Anthony Bamford, chairman of JCB, said:

“I feel very pleased and excited about this. It is a big achievement, particularly in Britain, and I feel we are a very good example of what can be done in the manufacturing industry.

“The JCB team is very good, particularly in Staffordshire, and we will continue to invest in Staffordshire because we like being here and we will continue to keep on manufacturing here.”

It have taken 67 years of JCB production for the 22-tonne digger that marked the magic million to be born, but Bamford believes the two millionth could come a lot sooner, with recent years seeing much faster production lines.

Such good news has a trickle-down effect for the rest of the UK building industry. For instance, when times are good, JCB can continue to work on improvements to diggers and other equipment, such as the innovative and fuel-efficient Ecomax engine recently launched at a European trade fair.

Indeed, those on the hunt for a quality paving service, in the Chester area, for instance, will no doubt want a company that works with the most reliable, up-to-date equipment. A well-maintained, modern mini digger in a Chester paving project can make all the difference.