North West housing development gets planning permission

A large-scale housing development planned for the centre of Ellesmere Port has been given planning permission, allowing building work to get underway.

The proposed housing scheme is the brainchild of regeneration development company St Modwen and is set to lead to the construction of homes for 350 families on the brownfield site in Cromwell Road, which used to be the location of HH Robertson.

Alongside these homes, the 29-acre site is big enough to enable St Modwen to factor in open areas for the public, and cycle and footpath links, in addition to improving the standard of access to both the centre of town and the railway station for future residents. The intention is also to incorporate sizeable areas containing amenities for people living in the scheme, in addition to greenery, with trees set to be planted on the site.

The St Modwen land director, Nick Whittingham, said:

“This will provide a significant contribution to the council’s supply of housing land and will regenerate a former brownfield site, delivering a sustainable, high-quality development. The scheme will be complemented by extensive areas of new open space, local transport and town centre access links.

“We hope that the development will act as a catalyst for the transformation of the wider area.”

Aside from the housing benefits, the new development is also expected to provide an employment boost, with around 500 jobs anticipated to be created as a result of it. Existing businesses in the region, such as those able to provide turfing and paving in the Wirral area, may also find their services required before the project has been completed.

The on-site preparatory work for the construction is now expected to start later in the year, although no firm date for the completion of the project has yet been announced.