Pupils build upon education in Chester

A number of Cheshire schoolchildren recently visited a building site to try their hand at bricklaying.

The pupils from Tilston Parochial C of E Primary School were aiming to construct solid foundations in Chester, both with the bricks and in their education.

The group of three to five year olds was visiting The Willows off Inveresk Road, which is a Jones Homes site, in order to gain a practical understanding of what they had learned in class. The Early Years Education initiative aims to use role-playing exercises, such as the bricklaying, to help with the pupils’ education.

The schoolchildren were taken on a tour of the building works by Mike Collins, the construction manager for Jones Homes, and Dave Garner, who is in charge of managing the site’s development. The pair pointed out potential hazards to the curious youngsters, as well as showing them the different tradespeople at work.

The kids were also shown the different tools of the craft, including climbing scaffolding and operating cranes.

Rather than letting them loose on a digger in Chester, the pupils were then allowed to have a go at experimenting with bricks and mortar. This even involved building a small wall, which was described by some as the highlight to the schoolchildren’s day.

According to their teacher, Pam Edwards, the youngsters were delighted by their visit to the construction site, especially as many of them like to pretend that they are builders when at play.

Speaking to Chester First, she added that letting the children have a look inside one of the finished products at The Willows, a show home, was “most enlightening” for the kids, as it allowed them to see what was produced by all the hard work.

Edwards concluded that the interactive trip was a great lesson for the young pupils, who could use role play to learn in their “outdoor classroom”.