Why choose a gravel driveway?

Householders can embark on home improvements for a variety of reasons. They may be thinking of moving house, and therefore trying to make their property stand out. Alternatively, they may simply feel that something of a refresh is required to make their house more appealing. The driveway can be a common area for making changes. For potential buyers, for example, it’s one of the first features they will see, making a gravel driveway a “quick win”.

In this regard, opting for the gravel driveway has a number of benefits.


Gravel driveways typically come in at a lower price than asphalt alternatives; sometimes coming at half the cost. The gravel will require some maintenance, but this is not too costly over time.

Water drainage

Water flow and drainage are actually facilitated by gravel driveways, rather than impeded. They are therefore friendlier to the environment, and make a property potentially less susceptible to water damage.


Certain types of gravel, such as decorous slate chippings can give a property a stylish, distinguished look, immediately helping it to stand out in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, homeowners could go for the more exuberant look afforded by pink or gold gravel. Whatever style they choose, a well-laid gravel driveway can really give their property the edge. Meanwhile, there’s that satisfying, homely crunchy noise the gravel makes as the car rolls in to the drive.

For those on the lookout for gravel driveways in Chester, for instance, there are plenty of satisfying options from which to choose.